3 Super Simple Steps to Making Money Online!

Often I get asked by people I know and some that I don’t about how to make easy money online. 

It reminds me of this episode on The Office where Michael (the clueless manager) is having a cash flow problem so he asks one of his employees who gambles if there is a way for him to find a sure thing.

Here is how the conversation went:

Michael: Hey Kevin, you’re a gambler right? A rounder, you play the ponies, small horses.

Kevin: I do gamble Michael.

Michael: Yeah, I was thinking about doing some gambling myself. You know, just a little bit of money. Maybe doubling it, and them doubling it seven more times. I don’t know, kind of just for fun. I was thinking, do you have tips, or ideas about sure things. Like a boxer who is going to throw the big fight, you know, like, like he’s tied into some crooked dealings, maybe his kid is sick or something. Like, who do I call about that?

Kevin: The mob.

Michael: Do you know anybody in the mob?

Kevin: [shakes head no]

Michael: Okay, um, Oscar, I’m going to need to take another advance on my salary.


We all get caught up in the guy who ran a $2 Facebook ad selling pencil erasers and made millions.

The thing is, whenever I go to find and try to talk to these people they either don’t seem to exist or the story isn’t anywhere close to what happened.


Yes – they became an overnight success. It just took 5,10,20 years to do it with lots of trial and error and many failures.


How do you sell stuff online and make money?

1. Don’t start with the product. That is backwards. There are people who’ll buy anything but whether you can get to them cost effectively and scale it is another story.

Start with the audience. Make a list of 10 possible audiences that tend to be ‘irrationally passionate’ about their work, their hobby or their family. Hint: Most people are that way about their family but you’ll need to be more specific.  

[Example:  My youngest son is autistic. Anything I can read, anyone I can talk to or anything I can buy to help him I will. Without much of a fight.  I’ll buy with emotion then justify with logic and so will they.]

What about golfers? Have you ever been around these people who golf like it was something that could create world peace if they could just shave one more stroke off their game?

Your audience selection is crucial because now you have to talk to them.


2. Join the Facebook groups they’re in. Talk to them. Get them on the phone or skype and interview them. DO NOT EMAIL THEM! Make a stinking podcast out of interviewing them…. There’s an idea!

Find out what language they are using – how do they speak to other people like them. Where do they go? What do they read? What keeps them up at night? What are their biggest frustrations? Be a student of them. Know them inside and out.

Focus on their core issues and make a list of them.

You might have to talk to 20 people or maybe just 2 it depends.  You won’t know til you do it.

WARNING:  That is where 99% of your competition will stop dead in their tracks. “It’s too hard. I don’t have the time. Isn’t their an easier softer way.”  Uhhh,  NO there is not!

Don’t give up never ever ever quit!  You can’t fail if you don’t quit.

Once you have spoken to these people and understand what they want just give it to them.


3. Find an affiliate product through Click Bank or JVZoo. Or if they need a service provide it. So you talked to a bunch of real estate agents and they all want more leads…  say great, I can provide you 100 quality leads per month at $25 a piece.

That is the second barrier where most stop. “How do I find the leads? How am I supposed to put that together?”  Isn’t that the point – aren’t you finding a solution to their problem.  If it was all done 4 you why would YOU be in the picture.

Exactly why I said to make a list of 10 audiences and not just one!


BONUS: Maybe you’re thinking this sounds all fine and dandy but how do you then get leads for your product?  YOU JUST FOUND 20!  Do the same thing and you’ll find 20 more – then hire somebody to contact them for you so you don’t have to do it anymore and GROW!

Notice the post title did not use the word EASY.  This stuff is real simple but it ain’t easy. Put your head down and work.

Where will you be next month? I hope you’re not sitting there thinking – “Ok, what can I sell.”

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