What Is Ask Ben?
It’s just a way for you to ask me virtually anything marketing related- such as – Direct response, copywriting, social media advertising, pay per click, SEO, direct mail campaigns, business startup, outsourcing or anything about my other projects. I really do respond to these myself and take pride in being able to help as much as possible. Right now I have a set block of time to answer questions so whatever you are thinking about let me know and I can give you some feedback.
Should I Ask Ben?
I would send me your question first then worry about whether you should have asked later. If it’s related to building your business or getting more customers you definitely want to ask sooner rather than later because they are your most important asset. Without them there is no business.
How Long Do You Take to Respond?
Ironically this is probably one of my most asked questions – people ask this before they actually ask the question they really want to know. The answer is it depends. If you are expecting it back the same day this may not be realistic. Typically it’s within a couple of days though.

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