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Overwhelmed Entrepreneur Over 40

Are You Over 40 and Overwhelmed About Entrepreneurship?   5 Part Blog Post Series     Now you’ve decided or are in the process of deciding to start a business and you’re past the 40 years of age mark. Life is different, kids, family, mortgage, etc. Maybe you’ve been an entrepreneurial dreamer or maybe you ... Read More »

Morning Accountability Group

Morning Accountability Group Call Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask – Well, sort of… Recently I’ve gotten some inquiries about my Morning Accountability Group Call. We get together really early every weekday morning and state our main One Focused goal for the day. We also celebrate any wins we had from ... Read More »

Focus Marketing! – One Focus

Focus Marketing! – One Focus

FOCUS MARKETING! One Focus – Let’s get this blog started – Thank you so much for coming to read the One Focus blog. Learning to focus on marketing is my priority.  I sincerely hope you enjoy this blog and give me some much needed feedback.  It’s true I’ve had other blogs but none were on ... Read More »