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FREE Sales Funnel Profit Calculator - With Video Tutorial
  • Input How Much You Will Spend
    This could be for Facebook Ads
  • Put Your Upsell or Tripwire Offer
    How much you are charging
  • Input Your Upsell after the Tripwire
    What will you charge for this
  • Webinar / High Ticket Sale
    Find out your maximum profit potential promoting your high ticket offer
Are you wondering how profitable your sales funnel WILL become?
This handy little spreadsheet  calculator will show you the MONEY. Literally!
I have created this calculator to give you an idea of how much you can make with your sales funnel. 
It's NOT FANCY or COMPLICATED!  And it comes with a quick video tutorial to show you how to use it.
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"I was completely overwhelmed trying to get started with Facebook ads. I setup a call with Ben and in 30 minutes he was able to help me better understand the basics of using Facebook's PowerEditor, which is no small task! It was clear talking to Ben that he is knowledgeable in google ads, Facebook ads as well as creating landing pages. As a business owner, it was important to me to talk with someone who is familiar with how those areas are connected. Thank you Ben for you help! "
Elizabeth Salazar,
"Ben is an extremely knowledgeable, well-rounded marketing expert with a real passion for helping people. I've been able to make significant strides in my business by following his advice, and I highly recommend his services to any entrepreneur who's truly ready to take things to the next level."
Russ Robinson -
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