Is Constant Validation Killing Your Business?

Is Constant Validation Killing Your Business?

This particular topic happens to be one of those which might get me into some hot water. My dad always told me my mouth would get me into more trouble than anything else.

So far in my life, I would have to say he’s right.

As a business owner, do you feel like people giving you good positive feedback, even though it may not be what you want to hear better than people just telling you how great your business is?

For myself, I certainly appreciate when people give me kudos but frankly I grow more after somebody gives me feedback that isn’t exactly what I want to hear. Now I have something to work on and can make those adjustments.

What I mean by Constant Validation.

I read a lot of posts in various Facebook Groups, mostly those for entrepreneurs or wanna be entrepreneurs.

Almost every single day there are posts with people talking about starting a business or a business they have and they are trying to figure out how to attract customers.

The responses to these are usually very positive – “that’s great you started a business”, “how awesome for you, I know you’ll succeed”, “run Facebook Ads, you can find any type of customer there”.

True and Accurate Feedback is Crucial to Any Business

What if the person who wrote the post said their business was something like this – “ I just started a coaching business to people who wear goggles, while walking backwards to work in the desert.” (This might be an extreme example but I have seen some pretty crazy ideas.)

What Do You Think the Feedback Should be?

Shouldn’t the original feedback have gone something like this – “That’s great you started a business but did you first validate you can actually reach people in that situation. Because if you can’t reach them how are you going to make any money”? 

All too often, people want to be positive and give uplifting feedback so they completely ignore the business idea.

I can’t tell you how many times business owners have told me what they do and immediately afterward I could not tell you what they were talking about.

I’m sure it makes sense to the business owner but if you can’t get it to make sense to another business owner how are you going to market and sell it.

This culture of getting validation for ideas by just posting in a group and moving forward based only on feedback not from a paying customer is not a great plan.

Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life?

Yes, ok, that’s great but if what you love is not something people are willing to fork over their hard earned money for. Then you will work another day, in fact a lot of days, I promise!

I’m not advocating people being mean spirited or brutally honest.  That doesn’t work either. It’s ok though to give someone your take on their business in a positive manner.

Brutal honesty… what a crock!

You know who is brutally honest? Children.  You see by the time you become an adult you are supposed to have learned that spouting off something just because it flashes across your mind is not a good thing. It takes absolutely no skill or effort, anybody can do it, so how could that be useful. As adults, we use candor and discretion. We think before we speak.

I wanted to say that because I’m not advocating bashing anyone’s ideas just because you might think it stinks. Instead, take some time to craft a response which is honest and carefully thought out to provide the person with the best feedback.

Take your time.

What to Do if You’re the One Looking for Feedback

When you put an idea out there for the world to see – ask for feedback. Let them know you are wanting true opinions not a rah rah session.  If someone truly thinks it is a great idea than you want to hear it but you’re more interested in finding out any concerns.

You must realize your business can’t come from just the positive things people say.

Here’s a secret – You ain’t get through this life without hurting somebody’s feelings.

You shouldn’t do it on purpose but at the same time if what you’re going to say might help the other person grow, it might be worth throwing it out there. Don’t expect a thank you but rather feel good about knowing you said it in their best interest and be ok with it.

Want to test this blog post – Post some really crazy idea for a business in a group or forum and see what people say about it.  Let me know the results… I’d love to hear about them.

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Till next time….

Ben Blackmon

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