Episode #39 –  Are Facebook ads getting more expensive?

Episode #39 – Are Facebook ads getting more expensive?

Episode #39 -

Are Facebook ads getting more expensive?

Facebook ad costs seem to be on the increase.  Actually, they’ve always been on the increase.

It is inevitable that the cost of any marketing platform will go up.

There are short-term increases - such as during the holidays when there is an influx of advertisers trying to capitalize on this time of year.

Then there are long-term increases. Like the news feed being completely full so now you’re always competing against multiple other businesses for that space.

How much are you willing to pay to be in the feed?

How relevant is your content to the audience?

These questions are crucial because the first one dictates what you can do profitably and the second tells you how Facebook sees what your advertising and therefore how much they should charge you.

If your ads don’t resonate with the audience you can bet your ad costs will go up.

You used to be able to just throw out any ole’ ad but now you really have to use your marketing skills.

Make sure you’re targeting the right people.

Have great copy and a compelling image.

Or, really consider going to video! 

Facebook is all about video and the sooner you can become all about video the more your ads will work.

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