Episode #50 –  Retargeting Strategy #5 for Webinars

Episode #50 – Retargeting Strategy #5 for Webinars

Episode #50 - Retargeting Strategy #5 - For Webinars

Running a webinar and driving traffic to them takes a lot of time, effort and money.

This retargeting strategy is simple yet effective at getting more people to show up live as well as more to purchase.

Most emails follow up sequences are read by only about 20% that sign up. That means that 80% of those who said “Yes, sign me up for the webinar” will never see a reminder.

Out of sight out of mind. 

They might have signed up for your webinar but they aren’t nearly as excited about it as you are.

So we have got to stay in front of them in every way we can.

With this retargeting strategy, we are going to build 3 custom audiences and run 3 separate retargeting ads.

The first ad will remind those that registered that the webinar is happening.

The second ad will be to those that registered or saw the replay that you have an offer for them and you’ll run those ads until your cart closes.

The third ad is to those that visited the webinar registration page but did not register.

You paid good money to get them to click so you might as well extend them the offer too. 

If all this sounds confusing then go ahead and listen to the episode and you can also take a look at this bonus video showing you how to set everything up.


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