Morning Accountability Group

Morning Accountability Group Call

Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask –

Well, sort of…

Recently I’ve gotten some inquiries about my Morning Accountability Group Call. We get together really early every weekday morning and state our main One Focused goal for the day. We also celebrate any wins we had from the previous day.

The purpose is for each of us to get up early and start the day on a positive focused note before the distractions and craziness sets in.

Before looking at your phone, before email, before anything really.

This group definitely ain’t for everybody and out of the 40,000 or so people who were given an opportunity to join (that number is kind of skewed because this opportunity was posted in 3-4 Facebook groups and obviously not everyone would have seen those), only 25 responded that they were interested.  Many responded to say they would like to but due to time zone differences it really would not be realistic for them (totally understandable).  Out of those 25 or so, maybe 7-8 came on board and scheduled to be on the call. Five ended up showing on the first call.  This is about what I figured.  80/20 rule applies – 25 responded – 5 showed.  Out of those 5 we have 3 that have showed up pretty much every day since September 1st.

It’s not a mastermind type call but occasionally we have had an hour+ long call.  Most of the time they are 15-20 minutes which is perfect. Just enough time to get on the call and get going.

I created a quick video on it so check it out and let me know what you think.

Check it out –


Are we way off the deep end or do you think we are on target?

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