This page is dedicated to the tools of the trade.
I realize many of you would rather do everything yourself and not hire a consultant like me. Totally understandable so I put together the vendors I use most. Some are free some paid. Some of them I get a commission if you use them. The short of is I wouldn’t recommend anything I would not use. If it’s on here, I believe in it.
Top Recommended
Directly below are my top recommendations and why I use them. There are also other recommendations which can help in many areas and I either use them or have used them, some are free some paid.
Hostgator: By far this is my most used webhosting service. It’s easy to setup and the support has always been top notch. You can install WordPress quickly and if you are serious about getting your website going this would be the hosting option for you.

GetResponse: The easy way to get a high quality landing page up quickly. These can be put up in minutes and you don’t have to know all the techno-babble to do it. It’s a great tool and once I started using GetResponse I haven’t looked back.
99designs: Speaking of easy – You can get all kinds of great things done with these guys. Logo, website design, branding, car wraps… you name it. Basically you have graphic artists and web designers bid on your projects. This service keeps you from having to work harder on your business than in it.

Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle: If you get serious about marketing your business you absolutely have to at least try this. I have been a student and newsletter subscriber for many many years. This is by far the best material I review every single month. Dan Kennedy is arguably the best direct response copywriter ever. The products are awesome but the newsletter is the staple. You’ll read one then read it again. The best part is they let you check it out for a couple of months. Click here for the Most Incredible Free Gift offer. You will NOT be disappointed.

Perry Marshall: One of the best things I have ever done is to get involved with Perry Marshall’s mastermind group and subscribe to his newsletter. Perry is very practical and does not hype anything. He only gives real world advice to those willing to listen. The first thing I ever got from him many years ago was his AdWords Guide. He is arguably the best AdWords guy on the planet. Definitely check this out.


Other Recommended Services


Website Hosting
BlueHost: Definitely an incredible hosting service. There are so many of the top sites hosted here. Easy setup and use. It’s worth a look.
Website Design
Elegant Themes: If you are trying to do-it-yourself and design a great looking site using WordPress, you’ve got to use Elegant Themes. They have some really cool designs ready to go and their newest theme called DIVI is super simple to get going and keep up with. Check them out.
Elance: If you want to bid out your website elance is still a great way to go. I’ll give you a little tip – that’s what I did for my website and if you want my designers contact information about using him to design your site just go to my contact page and let me know.
Get Response: Yes, you just saw me refer you to Get Response for landing pages but I also love their autoresponder. They have all the features I want plus it’s simple to setup and I really like it that way. Lot’s of great training and a whole “University” of classes to take on how to get better responses –ALL INCLUDED!
Aweber: This autoresponder service is a mainstay for many information marketers as well as top consulting experts. I have used the service in the past and really like the ease of use and options available. Since I used both Get Response and AWeber I decided to consolidate and finally picked Get Response. However, I wanted to give you some options and you can’t go wrong with either one.
MailChimp: If you are starting out on a shoestring I know how it goes. The autoresponder by MailChimp is pretty inexpensive… actually it’s FREE. Well, free up to the first 2000 subscribers. The downside is there a feature limitation and they put ads in your autoresponders.
Magnetic Marketing – Free Course: This is an updated classic marketing system. When I first bought Magnetic Marketing many years ago it literally blew me away. Now, you can get extremely valuable and implementable material in the free course.
Seminar Expert: One of the best ways you can drive more clients to your local business is by seminars. Fred Gleeck has a great program on how to do this and one of the nice things is it can not only generate a flood of new clients but also be a great additional income stream.
Bob Bly: This is one of the best copywriters of all time. It’s worth getting on his email newsletter list just for the incredible content. He is a no nonsense kind of guy and even though he could hype his own products more and sell them for much more he doesn’t.Marketing Books: Below is a list of 4 must read books. There are many more and if you complete list of my recommended books just go to my contact form and send me an email. I’ll get you the list quickly.
Free Tools
ToDoist: A simple but effective free todo application available across all platforms. It’s what I use.
Evernote: If you prefer a Getting Things Done type todo/calendar stuff. This application has a lot of options. Download it on your phone/tablet/computer and then read The Secret Weapon which is basically a How-To guide for using GTD in Evernote.
Xmind: I use this mindmapping software. It has enough features but not overly complicated. Pen and paper work too.
Sumome: Great way to double your traffic. Not complicated at all.