Special Episode #1 – How Coaches Can Create Successful Facebook Ads

Special Episode #1 – How Coaches Can Create Successful Facebook Ads

Special Edition #1 -
How Coaches Can Create Successful Facebook Ads

Hey Everybody,

This is Special Episode #1 of the Facebook Ads with a Twang podcast!

Which means this ain't the usual 10 minute of less episode providing quick tips. This is a full on 45 minute extravaganza.​

Maybe extravaganza is a little bit of an over shoot but it really is like a full training session.​

This episode is designed for coaches who are either new to Facebook ads or may be concerned about the technology part of it or if you've been running ads but not getting any traction.​

Does any of that sound familiar?​

Here is what I cover on this episode:

- What makes Facebook ads different for coaches
- Why coaches don't use Facebook ads or give up quickly

- The 5 biggest mistakes coaches make with their Facebook ads
- The necessary steps to run a successful Facebook ads campaign
- How to track the people who engage with your ad
- The single best strategy you can use
- Ad copy / Images / Videos
- Evaluating ads - Ads can only be as successful as the ability to measure them

There is A LOT on this episode. You might want to listen to it a couple of times.

Because there is so much on here I created a Free mini-Course to go along with everything I talk about.

There are 4 lessons and I included 4 bonuses as well. I probably went overboard on it but that's how I roll.

Click Here to enroll in the free mini-course.

If you need help with your Facebook ads or have questions then join my closed group:

Funnel Strategies for Facebook

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